Saturday, October 4, 2014

Live in the Sunshine, Swim in the Sea.

Last month my amazing mom took my brother and I on a vacation to the Bahamas.

It was beautiful there.  It rained quite a bit the first day but after that it only rained a few times so we had plenty of time to enjoy the island.

We stayed on Paradise Island in a little hotel right next to the Atlantis resorts, it was better that way because it was less expensive and we still got to use the Atlantis water park and everything.

The main city Nassau was just over the bridge on New Providence Island. 

It was interesting because some of the city was very run down but you could still see the fancy Atlantis resort from where we were.  When we got into downtown Nassau it was really nice.

The different varieties of tropical plants was interesting.  There were a lot of different plants than there are in Ohio.

The water was so incredibly blue it was hard to believe we were still on the Atlantic Ocean!

There were lots of little lizards running around. There were also quite a few stray cats that lived on the islands.

Atlantis also had a really big aquarium that was fun to visit when it was raining.

My mom's favorite were the sting rays.  She liked how they all had different prints on their backs.   She thinks the picture of the one below is creepy though.  

In the Bahamas it's even hot at night, I took my sweater with me the first few nights there but I quickly learned I didn't need it.

We had a lot of fun on vacation and I can't wait to share more of my pictures from the trip with you; part two is on the way!


  1. Beautiful pics! The one of Nate's silhouette at the aquarium is so cool. I love the one of the bridges at night, too. Miss you!

    1. Awesome, I'm glad you like them! :) Maybe you can come over sometime this week?