Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Early Jog to the Lake

I went on a jog to the lake a few Fridays ago at 5:30 because I couldn't sleep so I decided to see if I could catch the sunrise.

It was too cloudy to actually see the sun but the clouds turned this incredible shade of purple.

The reflections in the lake were stunning because the water was so calm that morning.

This is my favorite spot in Avon Lake and I can really see why my dad loved it so much.

I was so happy to see all of the flowers and various other plant life covering the side of the cliff. It added a happy summer vibe to the whole area.

There were also lots of creatures roaming about this early in the morning, I saw a bunny, a fox, a heron, and a lot of birds.

I love coming to this spot on my run, that morning was especially incredible.  As much as not sleeping can suck, I felt very happy to experience this moment.

(This post is made up of photos taken on my iPhone as opposed to my DSLR camera so I apologize if the quality is not as great as usual.)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fog on the Lake

With this post, my trilogy comes to a close.  
After wandering around and admiring all of the flowers and then  exploring the misty woods, Isabel and I decided to go to the lake.  The initial goal was to catch the sunset but we quickly realized with all of the fog there was no way we could see the sun!

We thought these photos looked really neat with the almost completely grey background and muted colors. 

We took a lot of pictures on the rocks but we didn't venture out too far because the lake was choppy that day so the rocks were slick.

I've posted a lot of the nicer photos that we took but rest assured, there are plenty of silly ones.  Give two best friends a camera and you're bound to have some crazy pictures!

The lake gave a really interesting dramatic effect to all of the pictures that we took.

After we went to the lake we crossed the street to the park.

By this time it was getting dark, the sun had gone down so the pictures got even darker.

We found a bunch of neat spider webs but this picture, taken by Isabel, is my favorite.

We were very lucky because right when we got back to the car it started to pour!  At least we got to take some fun photos before the rain started.

That's it for the trilogy, I really hope everyone enjoyed the photos! I guess you'll have to wait until next week to see what is yet to come.

(remember you can always click on the photos to see them larger)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Wandering in the Woods

Here is part two of the promised trilogy.
Isabel and I went into the woods because we thought that the trees would look neat with all of the fog. I think we were right about that.

We had some fun messing around with a photo shoot.

It was really wet in the woods and our shoes got soaked but we were having so much fun we hardly noticed.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures from our excursion into the woods.

Part three will be up sometime next week!
(any pictures of me are taken by my lovely friend, Isabel)
(remember you can click on the pictures to view them larger)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Flowers After The Rain

Hey guys, to start off my 'summer blogging' I have a three part series for you!
I took all of these photos in one day and I liked so many of them I decided to make three posts out of it so I could have more of them on my blog.

I took all of these last month and I'm just getting around to posting them now due to school and finals.

It had just rained before Isabel and I went out to take these and I really like the way the water droplets look on the flowers.

It was really foggy that day and it made the trees look cool. 

I just really love all of the flowers that are out now, the winter was way too long for my liking.  I'm so glad to see the green trees and to not have to wear winter coats anymore.

I hope you enjoy the colors and beauty of the flowers and I hope everyone is having some warmer weather now.

Stay tuned for parts two and three, they'll be out within the next few weeks!