Monday, October 27, 2014

Amber and Tony's Wedding

On our way home from the Bahamas we stopped by Maryland to go to my cousins wedding.  My mom convinced me to bring my camera along and I'm glad that I did!

On Friday night we went to the rehearsal, it was very laid back.

My grandma was the preacher who married my cousin Amber, and her Fiancé, Tony.

My mom helped out with the rehearsal that day and she managed to look really lovely while doing it.

The venue they chose was beautiful and serene, I thought it fit their wedding theme perfectly.

The sunset was gorgeous and I was glad I walked up the path to take a picture of it.

The decorations they had put up in the barn where they held their reception were lovely.   They had fairy lights strung across the ceiling and their table decorations were fun and country themed as well.

Overall that was a fun night but when we drove off we knew that the next day would be even better.

The morning of the wedding my grandma was really nervous about being the wedding officiant but she did a great job and everything went smoothly.

Everyone looked really nice all dressed up in country themed clothing, it was fun to see all of the people in cowboy boots.

These are the groomsmen before the wedding officially began.

My grandma and Tony talked a lot before the wedding started, I think they were both a little nervous but mostly excited.

My Aunt Cheryl looked so proud and happy to see her daughter getting married.

After the wedding they drove away in an old red pickup truck.  Everyone was blowing bubbles and it looked like a scene from a movie.

My grandparents were so thrilled to see Amber getting married.  I think they had a lot of fun at the wedding.

On the ride back to the barn where the reception was held everyone was blowing bubbles.

This is my aunt Melissa and my brother Nate being silly.

After the ceremony was over everyone was just relaxing and having fun.

It was really sweet when Amber danced with her dad, Jim.  You could tell by the look on his face that he was proud of her.

The wedding was a lot of fun and Amber was a beautiful bride.  I'm so happy for them, it's very clear that they love one another and are extremely delighted to be married.

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