Sunday, May 31, 2015

Easter Weekend

It's been a long time since I've made a post but between my play, school, and other activities, I've had a lot going on.  Here are some pictures I took during Easter weekend when my mom and I drove to my grandparent's house in Maryland.

The first day we were there we drove out to look at the house Amber (my cousin) and Tony (her husband) just bought.  It was a nice place just about a block from her parents and I think they're going to be happy there.

While at my grandparent's house I slept in the sewing room downstairs.  It's a cool crafty area and I have a lot of memories painting and doing other little craft projects in that room with my grandma from when I was young.

On Saturday my grandparents, my mom, and I all hiked up to the waterfall.  It had been a little while since I had been there and it's different than I remembered.  There is a new walkway and I'm not used to hiking the trail when all the leaves are off the trees.

It was a beautiful spring day, sunny and clear skies, perfect for a nice short hike in the woods.

My grandma pointed out this tree stump to me, those holes in the side of it are from woodpeckers.  It's interesting to me how they are really perfectly round and all in a row.

After we went up to the waterfall we walked down by the lake.  Apparently it's really deep, my grandparents said one year it was totally drained and they could walk along the bottom of it.  My Aunt Cheryl was walking with them, she lost her shoe in the mud and they believe it's still at the bottom of the lake to this day.

I love spending time with my family, it's so fun when we go on hikes all together.   They're the walking Wetklows and I sure am glad I inherited the hiking gene.

Easter morning my mom gave me a basket full of little gifts like this adorable bracelet my Aunt Leigh made for me and these little silver hair clips made from the end of a fork.

My mom, Aunt Cheryl, and Grandma Diana were in the kitchen cooking up a storm to make a good lunch for when everyone came over.  They're the best women I know and I'm so glad I have them in my life as role models and as friends.

They sure do know how to pull together a delicious feast.  

I always enjoy spending time with Amber and Tony, they're so funny and awesome to be around, even though Tony won't always smile for pictures right away.  It's sweet how much they obviously love each other.

After we had an amazing lunch we had cake for my Grandma's birthday.  It was funny watching her try to blow out the candles while laughing so hard.

After dinner I went on a short walk to call my family back in Ohio.  
It was a beautiful day and I felt blessed that I got to spend it with my family who loves me.

I had such a good time in Maryland with my moms side of the family.
I was sad my brother couldn't be there but it was a wonderful day and I can't wait till I get to go out and see them all again!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring and I'm sorry I've been off the grid for a while.  Enjoy all the nice weather and keep your eyes open for more posts soon!