Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Colors of the Morning Sky

The night before moving day I didn't sleep very well. When I woke up at 5am, I decided to stay up and walk out to the lake to see the sunrise.

This spot was about a three minute walk from my old house and now it's about a ten to fifteen minute drive.  While I really like the new place, I'm not huge on being farther away from this place.

This is the second time I've caught the sunrise here though I've caught a few sunsets (It's actually cool because the clouds around the city turn really purple).  It's so serene and beautiful in the morning it makes me wish I would make myself get up before the sunrise more often.

That morning I found out that there's actually a man who goes and tends to the gardens on the hillside every so often.  It's so nice to know that there's someone who cares about that place enough to take time out of their day to tend to it.

The city almost always looks cool from here, the only times it doesn't is when the sky is so foggy you can't even see it.

There are lots of creatures that get up and are busy by the time the sunrises, I saw lots of little bumble bees buzzing around to all of the flowers.

There were lots of birds out over the lake and they looked beautiful silhouetted against the water that was so colorful from the sunlight.

As I mentioned before there were all kind of creatures up before the dawn like hawks, bunnies, butterflies, bees, and me!

A quote I stumbled across a while ago that I think fits nicely with these pictures is "Those who dwell on the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life." by Rachel Carson.

Going here always makes me feel calm, like no matter how crazy life gets the world just keeps turning and the sun will always rise again tomorrow.

Also a few nights before I saw the sunrise I brought my camera and tripod up to the lake after the sun had already set so you could see the city lights out over the water.  These are my two favorites from that night.

This week I'm in the Bahamas and next week I'm going to my cousins wedding so I should have some good blogging material by the end of the week.  I hope you enjoyed the post, keep a look out for more to come!
(Remember you can click on the pictures to view them larger)


  1. Whoa, gorgeous pix! I really love the Rachel Carson quote and the pic directly below. You are a wonderful photographer! Love and miss you, Analynie!

    1. I'm so glad you like them! And I was pretty proud of that picture in particular, I think it's one of my favorites. Love and miss you too! I'll have to try to come over when I get back and before I leave again.

  2. I love your composition and I enjoy reading your blogs. Well done.

    1. Thanks! That means a lot coming from you :)