Sunday, September 22, 2013

South Fork, Pennsylvania anyone?

There was a really beautiful moon one of the nights I was there.

Uncle Dan convinced me to try this bizarre fruit.  Can't say I'd eat it again, but it wasn't bad!

There are windmills all over the place in Pennsylvania, they are huge!!  I wish I could have gotten a better photo of them though.

I spent a week in South Fork with my Aunt Melissa and Uncle Dan.  It was pretty great weather for the most part and my uncle had me driving everywhere, there are a lot of mountains. I think I like suburban driving better than mountain driving.  Melissa made some really good food and I got quite a few gobs.  Overall I had a really nice time!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

My Visit to the Lovely City of Boston

I know this is horribly backlit, but I thought it was kind of cool as it is the focal point of the Boston skyline.

The masts of the U.S.S. Constitution, the oldest Navy boat in commission.

This dome is made from 26 karat real gold. I just want to know what was going on in the head of the person who did it like that..

This clock tower is notoriously incorrect, it is also the oldest standing skyscraper in Boston.

I love the way the older buildings look next to the new ones.

These are some of my favorite photos from Boston, I had plenty more I liked but I decided it would be overwhelming to have a little under a hundred photos in one post.  I'm pretty sure that out of all of the places I have visited in my life, Boston is by far my favorite.  Though I am going to New York City in a few weeks so who knows, it may have a rival soon!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Flight Back Home

When we were at the airport going out of Manchester it was crazy storming.  We were actually delayed twice!  Once in the airport and then once on the runway.

But when we got above the clouds it was beautiful. It made me think about how crazy it is that when it seems so dreary and miserable on the ground it's actually beautiful right above the clouds. I guess that's weather for you, huh?

The leg of the flight back down to Cleveland was really beautiful as well, I was so happy I got a few cool photos of the city.  That was just our ride home, I'll post more from the trip when I can decide what I want to post!.  There are so many photos to choose from, ack!

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My First Post

Since I'd like this to be a photo blog, I don't think there will be many words.  But who knows maybe I'll decide to share my life story with anyone out there willing to read it!

(p.s. this is a photo of the second widest (as of very recently) suspension bridge in the U.S. and it is in Boston.)