Thursday, December 4, 2014

What a Wonderful Fall

I take off for a two week trip to California today so I just wanted to post this assortment of pictures I've collected over the fall.  I didn't post nearly as much in November as I wanted to and I really have no excuse for that but I'll try to get back on track.

One thing I really like about our new home with the small backyard is that lots of birds come to visit. 

I saw this old house on the drive to my Aunt's house a while back and I just had to stop and take a picture.  It looks so intense with the grey skies and the bright fall leaves.

These are some of the flowers in my Aunt's backyard, she always has the most beautiful gardens.

For a few weeks my friend and I had to walk about a block to get to our piano lesson due to some construction happening on my teachers street and I was really grateful to have my camera with me when I stumbled across this leaf covered with gem like dew drops.

I know my birthday was well over a month ago but I really like some of these pictures I just never got around to posting them.  Isn't my mom silly? (Sorry the lighting is terrible in these we were at a restaurant for a very delicious birthday lunch.)

And look my brother actually kind of smiled for a picture!

This is the friendly guy who pierced my ears.  I'm proud to admit I didn't even cry!

Later that evening my friends came over for cake and a sleepover, we had a lot of fun, they really are the best.

My mom and I made some teacup candles for our friend Carol to put out at her tea tour.  We had so much fun making them and we we're extremely happy and excited to give them to Carol.

One chilly night in November my grandpa was singing with his barbershop quartet at a chili cook off.  I always love going to hear them sing, and there was the added bonus of lots of delicious chili!
For those of you who don't know my baritone singing grandpa, he is the one on the far left.

This quartet is a great group of gentlemen most of whom I've know since I was just a kid.  They are always so nice to me and they never forget to give me a hug before they leave.  
(Don't tell the others, but my grandpa give the best hugs of anyone.)

It was a pleasant evening to spend with my silly family, they always know how to make me laugh.

I think my cat really likes our new couch, we still need to get new pillows for it but it sure is comfortable.  It's a very rare occasion that you find the couch without at least one furry occupant.

I hope you all enjoyed these photos I've taken over the past two months.  I can't wait to go to California because I get to spend time with my mom and my aunt and I will most definitely take a lot of pictures to share.

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