Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On The West Coast With Whales in the Water

One of my favorite things we've done while in California is go on a whale watch.

The first things we saw were dolphins and sea lions.

It was so exciting to see them splashing around.

We were lucky to see a whale.  A lot of people who go on whale watches don't get to see one.

Apparently the one we saw was a female grey whale that was about 50 ft long and weighed around 40 tons.  It was stunning to see a creature of such size and grandeur. 

There were a lot of sailboats out that day, they looked beautiful gliding across the water.

On the way back to shore we saw a group of sea lions sleeping on a buoy- they sure are cute! 

After the whale watch we went to a place called Crystal Cove.

There are cottages there that have been around since the 1930's, they are working on restoring them so people can rent them out again for the summer.

I had such a wonderful time with my mom and my aunt.  My aunt and I are flying home today and I'm sad to go but it'll be nice to see my friends again.

The pacific ocean is truly beautiful, my aunt and I have decided that we like it better than the Atlantic Ocean and the East Coast.

It's nice how uncrowded California is in December.  I can't even imagine how packed the beaches must be in the summer.

The sunset that night just kept getting better and better as time wore on, I'm glad we got to watch the whole thing.

We all agreed that this was the prettiest sunset we saw while we were there.

All in all it was a wonderful day and I'm glad I got to spend it with two people that I love very much.


  1. My heart is full as I look at these pics!!

  2. And btw, your whale watch pictures are awesome!! I have been on very boring sightless whale watches. This is truly unusual to see what you saw. An early Xmas present from the Creator:)!

  3. So fun to see the photos and enjoy that great day together all over again! I am glad you both were here too!