Friday, October 11, 2013

New York on a Friday is Very Crowded but There are Endless Places to Explore.

Today my mom and I walked on the High-line in Chelsea.

The High-line is an old, out of commission, raised train track that was used for moving things from the shipping yards.  After it went out of use it was bought and turned into a public walking path and garden.

There are all sorts of sights to see.  You can see the skyscrapers across the harbor.

And in the distance there is the Empire State Building.  It was also neat to see the roof-top gardens like they talk about on HGTV.

There was all kinds of cool art on the sides of buildings.

Then after we ate dinner at a Thai restaurant, we went to a pet store and visited all of the adorable puppies.

New York is really growing on me, all the diversity and architecture, not to mention the neat little shops and the city view at night.  I think I actually kind of love it here.

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