Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Disarray of Photo's.

Hello everyone who reads my blog,
I'm sorry I've been neglecting my blogging duties the past couple of months.  To make up for it I've made you all a collaboration of photos that I've taken since my last post.  They are all pretty random, but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

These are some roses my grandpa and his barbershop quartet brought my mom and I when they sang for us.  They are just the sweetest group of men, and they have great voices too!

Here are some flowered bracelets Aunt Leigh and I made.

Tea from when I went to a tea party/tour at Carol's house with my lovely book club girls.

This isn't very artsy or anything but I think it's pretty hilarious!  This is Rini with her cat-yoga mat. (which is fabric filled with highly concentrated catnip which make the cat's go insane!)

Here are some more shots that I took at Aunt Leigh's house.  I think her typewriter is just about the coolest thing ever.  And I thought the flowers looked kind of neat when I put them on top of the plate I used for paint the night before.

This one was actually sort of an accident, I was setting up the tripod to videotape a duet that my friend and I play together and this happened, I thought it was kind of a cool photo.

Here is a little mouse that made it's way into our house, and a deer with its antlers.

And then there's the world's most adorable and fluffy dog, Henry.  He was waiting at the door for my mom to come home because she's his favorite.

Well I hope you enjoyed this disarray of photos that I've been collecting for a while now.  Hopefully I'll have something up for you again by next month!

(Remember you can click on the photos to view them larger.)


  1. Annie, we love your photos! We thought that the picture of Rini with her catnip-filled yoga mat was hilarious!

    1. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the photos! Rini and catnip sure do make an interesting combination.

  2. Lovely photos my blue eyeballed photo blogger. I think it is funny that you find the typewriter so cool! Much easier to use the computer but you are right they just don't have the same retro cool appearance. I wouldn't want to try to haul a typewriter on a plane however.

    1. It's really neat and the noises it makes are fun and I like the way it looks and types. But you're right, taking it on a plane would be a little tricky!