Monday, April 14, 2014

Flea Market Fun

On Saturday my mom, my Aunt Leigh and I went to the Cleveland Flea Market.  

It was very enjoyable to see all of the treasures that ranged from vintage findings to handmade items.

At times it felt like a big scavenger hunt with no specific objective but it was fun the whole time.

While we were eating lunch a neat band called 28-North played.  I thought they rocked and it was amusing to see the drummer struggling to stay in front of the sign in the wind.

These are two neat things my mom spotted on the way home, the first is a really old tuxedo rental sign and the second is an interesting library.  The library looked closed but it was intriguing because the building was unusually thin and the door had the words public library carved into the stone above it, I was just happy to see the building looking in good shape and not falling apart.

These were my final spoils for the day;
A navy blue polka-dotted drop waist dress, some overall shorts, a red polka-dotted collared shirt, an old avengers comic book, a pack of Batman trading cards (with bubblegum! (that I won't eat because it's probably really old..), two old Charles Dickens books, and a book of scores by Schubert.

I had a spectacular time hanging out with my mom and my Aunt this weekend and I can't wait to go to the next one!  
Final consensus, flea markets are super rad.


  1. Awesome! Scoring some unique or vintage finds is very rewarding!....Melissa

  2. Great pics! I love getting to see through your eyes things I missed. What a fun day!

    1. I had a great time too, can't wait for the next one!!